Manchester veteran voices disappointment at exclusion from Queen’s official welcoming party

By Hannah Hulme & Claire Holden

A Manchester veteran voiced his disappointment at not being part of the Queen’s official welcoming party at Manchester Victoria Station this morning.

Harry Mills, 68, of the Aden Veterans Association, said that although he was pleased to have seen the Queen, he would have welcomed the opportunity to be part of that special group.

He said: “I wish my 43 years of service had been recognised and I, along with other members of the Aden Veterans Association, could have officially welcomed the Queen.”

Also welcoming the Queen was the oldest man in the British Legion, 86-year-old Lawrence Powers.

He first saw Her Majesty 50 years ago at the Warwick Agricultural Show.

He said: “I still remember it clearly today, and I’m really glad to have seen here again, it’s such a wonderful occasion.

“I’m older than the Queen and still riding my motorbike. It was great to see her again today, but now I’m off to the pub!”

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