Liberal Democrat Conference: Clegg promises Manchester jobs and investment

By Anna Mauremootoo

Nick Clegg announced plans to create jobs and investment in Manchester, at the Liberal Democrat Conference on Monday.

The Deputy Prime Minister named Manchester as one of the cities to benefit from a new scheme allowing councils to borrow against future business rates.

Mr Clegg said that the innovative scheme would create new developments and job in Greater Manchester.

The statement from the party leader has been met with praise from Manchester Liberal democrat Councillor Simon Ashley.

He said: “I am delighted to hear Manchester named by the Deputy Prime Minister as one of the cities to benefit from these new freedoms.”

However, the announcement was made just a week after General Secretary Brendan Barber told the Trade Union Congress that the current economic climate would devastate public services.

Mr Barber said: “Think about what’s happening here in Manchester – projects to rebuild 10,000 homes in run-down areas axed and £560 million of transport schemes scrapped.”

IFS Research project “Where the Money Goes” demonstrated that proposed spending cuts would have the largest effect on the poorest ten percent of the country, reinforcing the North South divide.

This has left locals worrying about their future.

Clair McCann, currently unemployed, said: “I’m worried that there are not enough jobs in the North but I can’t afford to move to the South without knowing for sure that there would be a job down there for me.”

During the election campaign the Liberal Democrat party promised Locals that power would be given back to the council and the local community and this announcement reinforces this declaration.

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