‘Tache takeover: Iconic Manchester town hall statues become mo-bros in honour of Movember

By Phil Jones

With mo’s adorning many a top lip throughout Manchester this Movember, the council are lending their support by creating honorary mo-bros in the town hall.

A total of 20 statues have been given a facial adornment in the hall’s entrance and Sculpture Hall café, all to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.

Councillor Chris Paul, a mo-bro himself, came up with the idea and said they have had a positive response so far.

“It was a flash of inspiration, I walk past them every day and thought it would be good to see the busts with a mo’,” said the ward member for Withington.

“A lot of people have been stopping and taking photos, with the extra footfall because of the Christmas market they seem to be getting a lot of attention.”

Among the famous Manchester figures to have miraculously sprouted facial fuzz are Oliver Cromwell and the city’s first ever Lord Mayor, Sir Anthony Marshall.

The moustaches are tied on to the busts so as to not damage them, and Councillor Paul explained his serious motivation for the month’s mirth.

KEEPING LIPS WARM: Manchester mo-bros share Movember awareness

“The solidarity of the men of the Sculpture Hall is much appreciated and is proving a hit with visitors,” he said.

“My good friend John Lancaster spent more than twelve years ‘dancing’ with his prostate cancer after being given two years to live.

“If The Christie and other world class centres are to develop therapies and cures, they need funds.” 

The move has even received the backing of Lord Mayor, Councillor Elaine Boyes, as she praised the generosity of the statues.

She said: “I’m sure these distinguished gentlemen are proud to support such an important cause and help raise money and awareness by becoming fully fledged mo-bros.”

The mo’s are causing a stir with the town hall’s visitors, and George Butler, a 67-year-old from Wigan, was tickled by the crumb-catchers.

He said: “They’re not harming anyone, I think they’re great – not enough people have moustaches nowadays.

Unfortunately the temporary arrangement is not to everyone’s liking, as 49-year-old Beckie Carter from Salford made clear.

“Who thought it was funny to put them on there? It just looks strange,” she said.

To donate to councillor Paul’s charity total, visit his Movember page here:

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