Former Manchester City goalkeeper Carlo Nash and wife launch family back-packing book

By Mary Maguire

For anyone with children who yearns for all the fun and adventure of a gap year backpacking around exotic locations but doesn’t fancy spending their nights in ropey hostels, the fourth book in the Luxury Backpacker series has just been launched.

Grown-up backpacker Jill Nash and husband Carlo, a former Manchester City footballer now with Stoke City, held a launch event at Harvey Nichols where they entertained guests of all ages with tales from their new book Family Adventures in Style.

Jill, a graduate of Manchester Business School with a doctorate in business and marketing, has travelled extensively with her husband and spoke of how their sense of adventure had not diminished since their daughter was born two years ago.

She spoke of having caused some surprise amongst passengers when she took her daughter to the Middle East at six weeks old.  

Instead the couple were eager to offer independent travellers with children some tips on maintaining their sense of adventure without compromising on style.  Having spent time at all of the places covered, the book offers tips and advice based on their experience of travelling with a young child and of meeting other people travelling with children. 

ENJOYING THE ADVENTURE: Carlo Nash and wife Jill at the book launch

Describing the book as being very personal, she said: “I came up with the idea of producing a guide for people travelling with children when I was pregnant.”

Husband Carlo’s passion for photography is evident from the beautiful illustrations in each book in a series that covers global travel, stylish honeymoon spots and, for film buffs, an  exploration of the areas surrounding the locations of top films. 

Helpfully categorised by genre, these include well known action movies, romances and musicals.

Their company Luxury Backpackers was established when Jill lost her job and wanted to combine her business skills with her passion for exploring new places and letting other people know about them.

The launch was well attended, particularly by parents with preschool aged children although many others had clearly come to check out the latest offering from the series. 

Having travelled to spots such as Peru to Tanzania as well as taking a 16 week old baby to the Maldives, Carlo spoke of his particular fondness for South East Asia and of the mysteries of Indonesia and the welcome afforded them in Cambodia where he spoke of luxury being more affordable for people on a moderate budget.

He was reluctant to be drawn on predicting the match score between his former team and Spurs which was playing less than three miles away although said: “I am very pleased for them.  There has been a lot of changes since I played there but I like to see what they are doing. 

“I found myself on the bench last year against them so even though I wanted my team to win, I still have a great fondness for them and it’s always good to see the banner taken from Old Trafford.”

The mood of the afternoon was relaxed as Jill gave a series of short presentations and people had a chance to browse through the whole collection before buying. 

To describe the book simply as a coffee table read is to do a small injustice to such a well written, well researched and elegantly packaged guide although if the prospect of taking small children to exotic locations is too much for you, you can always just sit back enjoy the read.

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