People’s Democratic Party by-election candidate: Manchester politics is ‘all that is wrong with British democracy’

By John Paul Shammas

The ‘status-quo’ of Mancunian politics is being challenged by the formation of the People’s Democratic Party, ahead of November’s Manchester Central by-election.

Lee Holmes, the leader of and candidate for the People’s Democratic Party, is looking to win the hearts and minds of the staunch but unenthusiastic Labour voters of Manchester ahead of the upcoming by-election.

He told MM: “In many ways the politics of Manchester Central are the perfect example of all that is wrong with British democracy: a staunch but unenthusiastic Labour electorate that has been repeatedly let down by a Labour party out of touch with their views and priorities.”

And Mr Holmes, a former Conservative activist, is unafraid of getting specific on how Labour have failed us.

“Labour responded to unemployment and lack of opportunity by ramping up welfare payments rather than creating a way out of poverty for people,” he said.

“Meanwhile, they are all too ready to denounce them people as ‘bigoted’ if they raise genuine and legitimate concerns about the mass immigration that has transformed their communities over the last 15 years.”

However, Mr Holmes isn’t done there. The PDP leader also has it in for the coalition government.

“The Coalition parties have clearly given up on the North with tax cuts for the rich and pay and welfare cuts for everyone else, broken promises on tuition fees, domination by ex-public schoolboys, and plans for regional pay and benefits that would further impoverish the North and other English regions.”

Mr Holmes will compete against Labour’s Lucy Powell, the Conservative candidate Matthew Sephton, Liberal Democrat Marc Ramsbottom alongside the Pirate Party’s Loz Kaye.

The People’s Democratic Party was launched earlier year in July, and their manifesto can be found here.

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