Appeal to find mystery hero: Unknown teenager saves Manchester grandma and toddler from kitchen fire

By Dean Wilkins

A mystery teenage hero came to the rescue of a grandmother during a fire at her home in Greater Manchester, and the woman is desperate to find out who her saviour was.

Firefighters from Altrincham and Sale were dispatched to a kitchen blaze at a home on Wood Lane, Partington – where owner 51-year-old Sally Soloman had accidently made a small fire worse by trying to put it out, instead it then spread across the room.

As she dragged her three-year-old grandson out of her home in panic, she called to the young hero for help, who was pushing his bike along the road.

Mrs Solomon said: “At first he looked a bit unsure of what I wanted so I told him that my cooker was on fire.

“He came across the road and just took over. He went in to my house and asked for a tea-towel, which he wet and then put over the fire to put it out.

“I think I thanked him but in the panic of the moment I’m unsure so would really like to thank him properly. The fire could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for him.”

Watch Manager Mark Donohue, from Altrincham Fire Station, said: “Partington is an area where in the past there have been a few minor antisocial behaviour issues so it’s really pleasing to see a young man helping out a member of the community in this way.

“The man, who was about 18 we think, was passing Mrs Solomon’s house when she came out shouting for help.

“The woman called back to the control room to say the fire was out but we carried on to the house to check the fire was out and carried out a Home Safety Check before leaving.”

Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “We wouldn’t advise people to tackle any fire themselves, but thankfully in this incident it really paid off when the young man came to the rescue.

“He obviously had some knowledge of how to tackle a fire, however, GMFRS would always urge people to get out, stay out and call us out!”

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