More salt in sandwiches than curries! Manchester eaters get health lesson on shocking contents hiding in your food

By Matt Davies

Lurking away in our food is saturated fats, hidden additives and an unsavoury amount of salt, and a campaign highlighting the shockingly unhealthy amounts used in many meals arrives in Manchester tomorrow.

Levels of fats and sugars in foods will be explained at the government-backed road-show Change4Life, with many people unaware of the possible health risks associated with over indulging in snack-treats and fast-food.

Part of the Department of Health’s latest campaign into healthy eating, is aiming to cook up a treat or two in Manchester’s Arndale Centre on Saturday.

The campaign will have many interactive demonstrations aiming to show just how easy it is to eat more healthily.

Travelling across the country, the event intends to show the Great British public in a colourful and engaging way that simple and healthy food can still taste great.

Be Food Smart aims to tell people what is really in their food, while highlighting the importance of a nutritional and well balanced diet.

Ahead of the launch of the campaign, a food IQ test was carried out involving people from the North West in a bid to find out just what they know about their favourite treats.

For instance, the daily recommended amount of salt is just one teaspoon, but a staggering 60% of those questioned were unaware of their salt intake.

In a country where so much attention is paid to ensuring healthier eating, it is perhaps surprising to discover that a ham and cheese sandwich can have more salt that a Chicken Tikka Masala.

Indeed, a pre-packed version of the popular lunch snack can have more salt than a ready meal curry or a pack of ready salted crisps.

Six in ten people questioned did not realise that a small pepperoni pizza has more saturated fat than fish and chips, while a strawberry fat free yoghurt can have more sugar than a bowl of cornflakes.

These startling statistics highlight the dangers of not understanding what we eat, and the road-show aims to fry the common misconception that healthy eating is difficult.

Change4Life are eager to highlight the stresses and strains caused by being overweight, including experiencing more aches and pains, having problems sleeping and a loss of energy and confidence.

Meanwhile it also increases people’s chances of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers as they get older.

The show will be in Exchange Court at the Manchester Arndale Centre between 10am and 4pm on Saturday, although live food demonstrations will only be on the hob for two hours from 11am.

Picture courtesy of Change4Life/Facebook, with thanks

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