Revealed: Manchester fourth highest in UK for burglary claims as homeowners face high insurance costs due to neighbours

By Mancunian Matters staff

Residents living in Eccles are some of the most likely to be burgled across the country, according to latest figures released.

Postcode M30 is a hotspot for thieves as insurance figures analysed statistics from the past two years, finding that the Manchester town has the UK’s fourth highest amount of claimants with 31.6 claims per 1,000 homes.

People living in LS13 (Leeds) were most likely to have filed a claim, followed by those in BD12 (Bradford) and N12 (North Finchley).’s study used almost 3.5million applications for home insurance made between December 2011 and November 2012 – they then catered for populations to allow postcodes to be compared.

A spokesman for the comparison website said: “While there are clearly some areas of the country with a higher proportion of insurance claims for burglary than others, this doesn’t actually mean the area is ‘rife’ with crime.

“Thieves often specifically target areas with wealthy residents, or quieter areas where there’s not a lot of passing foot traffic, where the rewards are potentially greater and the risk of being caught in the act may be lower.”

But areas affected by higher rates of burglaries will see their premiums affected, rising around 20% on average.

“Insurers take a blanket approach to assessing postcode districts for home insurance premiums rather than looking at insurance applications on a case by case basis,” the spokesman added.

“So, although you may not have been a victim of burglary directly, you could be paying more for insurance if there are higher rates of burglary claims made within your postal area.”

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