Poppadom tower title returns to Tameside

By Katie Thistleton

Chefs and waiters at a Manchester Indian restaurant are celebrating today after regaining the Guinness World Record title for the tallest stack of poppadoms.

Determined staff at the Indian Ocean in Ashton-under-Lyne built the tower last night measuring 1.57m, beating the existing record by 6cm.

The event which was witnessed by official judges as well as Tameside Councillor Bill Harrison and local businessman Jon Howarth, was part of a charity evening raising money for Manchester-based cancer appeal Men Matter.

Owner Nahim Aslam said: “We were over the moon that we won, but the most important thing is that we can promote the curry industry and raise money for a good cause.”

Charity Men Matter raises funds for research into prostate, testicular and penile cancers.

The evening included a charity raffle and auction, and guests were treated to the restaurant’s award-winning food and music from local singer Jennie Bonita.

Indian Ocean customer Sharon Jones said: “I eat at the Indian Ocean regularly and it’s nice to know they are a fun bunch of staff who strive to be a cut above the rest.”

“It’s even better to know that they are supporting a vital cause.”

The record was previously held by a Nottingham restaurant who took the crown from the Indian Ocean in 2009.

Nahim and the rest of the staff are delighted the title has come back to Manchester.

“We previously held the record so we wanted it back, we always want to be the best at what we do, we also hold the record for the most number of naan breads made in 1 hour, which is 640!”

Nahim spoke of how making the tower took lots of practise, but would not reveal the secret as to what makes the tower stay standing.

“There was the odd time where we had to keep our fingers crossed, people opening doors is a problem as it makes it wobble, but there were no major comedy incidents.”

The restaurant has won awards in the past including Best Indian Restaurant in the North West at the 2007, 2008 and 2009 British Curry Awards.

Staff should enjoy their Guinness World Record glory while they can however, as rival restaurant the Curry Lounge in Nottingham is keen to take back the title.

Owner Arfan Razak said: “We are planning to have a go again in July, watch this space.”

“All records will be broken – that’s what makes us want to do it – for a competitive rush.”

RECORD BREAKER: The tallest poppadom tower completed

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