Anti-cuts protest group UK Uncut host ‘alternative’ Manchester jubilee street party

By Ian Silvera

The anti-cuts protests group UK Uncut will hold an ‘alternative’ jubilee street party in Manchester tomorrow.

The 1940s style party on Market Street is an opportunity for campaigners to have fun while showing that they do not support the Coalition Government’s financial cuts.

Attendees are bringing cakes, ‘austerity’ bunting and there will even be a pop-up library.

Local poets, a folk band and an all female choir are due to perform at the event as well.

Co-organiser Zoe Dexter said that she is looking forward to the event and although she wants people to have a good time, the alternative jubilee street party will also show that UK Uncut supporters are against the government’s cuts.

The 19-year-old added: “I initially wanted to travel to the London street party, but then I thought Manchester is a big city and we should have one here.”

The University of Manchester student, originally from Doncaster, set up a Facebook event with co-organiser Eve Waterside to publicise the street party and word spread from there.

Currently they are expecting over 100 people to attend the event tomorrow.

Ms Waterside said: “We’ve got a fantastic array of creative ideas on display and the best thing is that everyone’s invited.”

The 25-year-old said she has noticed that the government’s austerity measures have already had a negative impact on Manchester.

She said that youth and community services have been shutdown in Moss Side and things are only going to get worse.

The student nurse is also worried about the future of the NHS, she said: “The restructuring of the NHS is very worrying, the government seems to be privatizing it – I’m worried that it may become an institution more interested in profit than people.”

The organisers were keen to stress that although they support UK Uncut’s direct action in the city tomorrow, their event is separate and they want to emphases the ‘fun’ aspect of their party.

The ‘alternative’ street party will start at 2pm tomorrow at Market Street.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come and attendees are encouraged to bring cakes.

You can view the facebook event here:

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