‘The working classes must fight’: Communist League factory worker to stand in Manchester Central by-election

By Ian Silvera

The Communist League candidate for November’s Manchester Central by-election has launched his campaign with the support of The Militant paper.

Peter Clifford lives in Moss Side and is a production worker in a food factory.

The 57-year-old has a long history of organising and joining support for ‘workers resisting government attacks’.

In the 1980s, he organised solidarity for the striking miners as well as engineering workers sitting in at Laurence Scott in Openshaw. 

This year Clifford joined and brought fellow workers to the picket line of locked out workers at Mayr-Melnhof Packaging in Bootle.

Clifford said: “Like many others today I’m employed by an agency that can cut my hours and end my job at a moment’s notice.

“We need to fight so that nobody needs to be out of a job or forced to work under these conditions.”

If elected he plans to lobby for a massive programme of public works to put millions to work at union agreed pay rates to build housing, healthcare, transport and other needs of working people.

Clifford said that his main motivation for standing in the by-election was to provide an alternative against the mainstream political parties – Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party – who, he believes, are trying to tackle the economic crisis by ‘taking it out on working people’.  

He added: “The only way out of the attacks on our living standards and rights is for the working class to fight and organize politically to advance.”

Clifford is not without his controversy, though. He is a supporter of Cuba’s socialist revolution, a campaign that has seen Cuban people’s civil liberties undermined and the unquestioned rule of a single political party.

He believes, however, it provides a ‘living example of a revolutionary struggle to overturn the rule of capital and the capacities of working people to lead this’.

During his campaign Clifford will call for the police involved in the March incident which led to  Anthony Grainger’s death, who was shot by a police officer while sat in a car in Warrington, to be prosecuted.

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