Business As Usual At Manchester Airport

By Micheal McKenna

PASSENGERS at Manchester Airport are relieved to hear service is back to normal following recent flight restrictions.

A five day UK-wide flight ban was imposed following a volcanic eruption in Iceland which sent the air travel community into turmoil.

On Friday, 24 hours after the restriction was lifted, Manchester Airport was operating at 86 per cent of full capacity.

Jenny Dunn, Press Officer at Manchester Airport, said: “It was testament to our staff that we were operating at almost normal just a day after the ban was lifted.

“There have been no long delays, none more than expected.”

The airport has had to put on extra flights to accommodate the massive backlog of flights that have accumulated over the last five days.

Fifteen empty rescue flights were sent out to rescue stranded passengers all around Europe.

One of those passengers was Rebecca Parkes, 24, who was on an Easter break in Germany. She said: “It was terrible and one of the worst experiences I have ever had to endure.

“I was on holiday with my boyfriend and I was meant to come back on Monday but it wasn’t until early Friday when I got back.”

Miss Parkes was one of the more fortunate people because she had relatives in the country she was stranded in.

“I was definitely lucky in the sense that I had an aunt that lived about 90 miles from the airport.

“We stayed in the airport for the first night which was arguably the worst night of my life. It was total anarchy.

“The next day we took a two hour coach ride but it was certainly better than staying in a hotel airport for four nights.”

Over 2000 Manchester flights were cancelled which affected in the region of 200,000 passengers. No specific figure has been released but the cost to the airport is expected to be in the millions

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