Huge Shaw explosion damages Oldham homes – witnesses claim possible gas leak

By Dean Wilkins

A huge explosion seriously damaged houses in Oldham today and emergency services are on the scene.

Shortly after 11.15am police were called to Shaw following a report that homes had been been destroyed following a potential gas explosion on Buckley Street.

Police, fire and ambulance services are at the scene and some reports are suggest it may there may have been an explosion at a Littewoods outlet.

At this stage there are no confirmed details on casualties or the number of homes damaged.

HOMES DAMAGED: Huge explosion destroys street in Shaw

One eye witness Tweeted: “There’s just been an explosion at Littlewoods Shaw. I thought the roof was caving in my work on beal lane!”

Another resident Chloe Wood said: “Massive explosion in Shaw apparently… saw about 20 police and fire engines drive past me.”

Bridget Batty added: “Does anyone know what happened in Shaw this morning? The explosion shook my house!”

BLOWN APART: Explosion rips through homes

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