Kiaran Stapleton trial: Salford killer gave ‘sarcastic laugh’ after shooting Anuj Bidve

By Dean Wilkins

Kiaran Stapleton gave a ‘sarcastic laugh’ after shooting Indian student Anuj Bidve in Salford, Manchester Crown Court heard today.

The 21-year-old – who described himself as ‘Psycho’ and got a ‘killer’ tattoo on his cheek two days after the death – is on trial for murder.

Mr Bidve, 23, was walking with friends in Ordsall before Stapleton approached them and shot the student at point blank range.

Mr Bidve’s friend Nitish Jalali, 22, told the jury he felt ‘anxious’ when a man wearing a white hooded jacket ‘instantaneously’ walked towards them.

“He came over and he asked what the time is and we did not respond the first time,” he told the jury.

Mr Jalali said he immediately asked again and got an answer of 1.30am from a member of the group.

“Then he pulled the trigger,” Mr Jalali said. “There was a bang sound, it sounded like a firecracker.”

“Then Anuj fell flat, face-first,” he added:

Prosecutor Brian Cummings QC asked: “Did anything else happen?”

Mr Jalali said: “He laughed.”

“It was more of a sarcastic laugh.”

A second witness, Sarang Kulkarni, said he saw the man in the hooded top laughing as he stood behind Mr Bidve, who was on the ground.

Mr Kulkarni said”My first thought was I imagined he was playing a prank because I saw him laughing.

“I did not hear the laughter but I did see him laugh. I saw an expression on his face which I thought was of laughter.”

The trial continues tomorrow.

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