Kiaran Stapleton trial: Salford man accused of murdering Anuj Bidve got ‘killer’ tattooed on face two days after shooting

By Dean Wilkins

Kiaran Stapleton, the man accused of murdering Anuj Bidve in Salford, got a tattoo on his face saying ‘killer’ two days after shooting the Indian student, a court heard yesterday.

The 21-year-old gunman walked up to Mr Bidve and his friends in an Ordsall street on Boxing Day.

Stapleton, who described himself as a ‘psycho’ in an earlier court hearing, asked them the time before putting a gun to Mr Bidve’s head and firing one shot.

The Manchester Crown Court jury heard how he ‘smirked or laughed’ before running off to his nearby family home.

Two days later he went to a Swinton tattoo shop and asked for a teardrop on his right cheek.

Prosecutor Brian Cummings QC said staff warned him that the tattoo can signal a person has killed someone.

He said: “This was pointed out to Kiaran Stapleton, in an effort to ensure that this was really what he wanted, and he said words to the effect that he had killed his goldfish, did that count?”

The next day he was arrested and was charged with Mr Bidve’s murder.

During his first appearance at Manchester Magistrates’ Court he was asked if his name was Kiaran Stapleton and he replied: “No, Psycho. Psycho Stapleton.”

Stapleton later admitted to killing Mr Bidve and three weeks ago pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but denies murder.

The trial, scheduled to last up to four weeks, continues today.


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