Racist thug back on street: Drunken Manchester mum who stamped on man’s head in front of kids escapes jail

By Paddy von Behr

A Manchester mother-of-two who stamped on a man’s head during druken racially-motivated attack just yards from her young children has escaped prison today.

Amanda Lowe, of Rochdale Road, Blackley, was caught on CCTV stamping on the head of Khuram Nasir, after two men had knocked him to the floor as he walked home from work across Piccadilly Gardens.

She also called the victim a ‘f***ing paki’ and a ‘terrorist’ shortly before the attack, a court heard.

Lowe, 26, admitted a charge of racially aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm, while Wesley Earls and Daniel Wray admitted to aggravated bodily harm.

All three were given a 12 month jail sentence, suspended for two years and a two year supervision order.

Judge Lindsey Kushner QC stated Lowe would avoid prison because of her children and it would be unfair to jail Earls and Wray, as their offences were less serious.

She added: “It is fantastic to have this CCTV footage and to see events as they happened because they are horrifying when you see them.

“I think all of you can think yourselves lucky.

“She was in that state in charge of two children. That in itself is a criminal offence, drunk in charge of a child.

“It is disgraceful. How irresponsible can you get?”

Mr Nasir was attacked on May 21 after Lowe shouted abuse at him in Manchester city centre – he told her boyfriend to ‘control his woman’ to which that group reacted violently and set upon him.

“Somebody who drinks like that and behaves like that you would have to keep a careful eye on,” the judge added.

“Miss Lowe I can’t emphasise strongly enough, kids who have mothers who behave like you end up behaving like you.

“That damage starts from when they are tiny.”

Judge Kushner told all three this was their last chance and they would go to jail if they offended again.

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