A Lowry lunch with Christopher Biggins raises money for children’s cancer charity

By Stephen Sumner

A celebrity lunch at the Lowry Hotel raised £1200 for a cancer charity.

The event, ‘An afternoon with… Christopher Biggins,’ was held in aid of KidsCan, a charity which works to help children with cancer.

The money raised will go towards a three-year project that aims to improve the therapeutic effect of a recently-discovered anticancer agent.

The drug has the effect of killing the blood supply to the tumour without interfering with the normal blood supply.  

This type of compound can cause damage to the heart and children can be particularly sensitive to this type of toxicity.

The project aims to reduce this heart toxicity and develop a drug which is suitable for clinical development by a pharmaceutical company.

Mr Biggins said: “Children are so vulnerable and need a lot of help.

“The fact that children have cancer and die at a very young age is appalling because they have not had a life.

“A child has not experienced anything. That is why it is very important to do as much as you can for children.”

The ‘Afternoon with…’ series continues with celebrity nutritionist Jeannette Jackson appearing on March 30, followed by Apprentice star Ruth Badger on April 27.

The lunches will be followed by a much bigger event – KidsCan’s 10th anniversary when the charity will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Can Can dance.

There are still tickets available for both future lunches but numbers are limited.

For more information about the future events and the work of KidsCan please contact Holly Bond on 0161 295 3864 or at [email protected]

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