‘A… chainsaw!’: Burgess brothers describe moment Prince Philip saw their throne sculpture for the Queen

By Ian Silvera

A pair of Cheshire brothers used a tree from Wythenshawe park and a chainsaw to create the magnificent throne presented to the Queen during her Manchester visit on Friday.

Burgess brothers, Tim, 56, and Andy, 37, created the Oak Leaf Throne as the focal point of the Albert Square Garden celebrations.

What is most amazing about the Burgess brothers’ creation is that they used chainsaws – usually a tool of destruction – to create a wonderful piece of art.

Commenting on their experience meeting the Queen and Prince Philip, the Burgess brothers said:  “When Prince Phillip saw the sculpture he was pleasantly surprised, pondering ‘Chainsaw… Chainsaw!’ after eyeing up the piece.”

MAGNIFICENT: The Burgess brothers Oak Leaf Throne, carved from a tree from Wythenshawe park

The sculpture was carved during an intensive six weeks from a fallen beach tree.

The brothers have made several specially commissioned pieces for charities and organisations across the North West and have even shaped sculptures for clients as further as field as the United States and Europe.

The brothers create sculptures from tree trumps, logs and trees that have to be fouled for safety reasons.

The brothers said: “Sometimes it’s actually cheaper for people to have us remove a dangerous tree from their land and let us sculpt it.”

The brothers said they both draw inspiration from award-winning chainsaw sculptor Bob King, of the United States.  

Tim Burgess, the more experienced chainsaw sculpture of the Burgess Brothers, has been honing his skills for at least six years.

Tim can create a wide portfolio of sculptures. Wizards, Owls, and Dragons – you name it and Tim Burgess can produce a fantastic piece of rugged craftsmanship for you.

Tim will be taking his dexterity and imagination to the English Open Chainsaw Competition at the Cheshire Game and Country Fair, between August 25 and August 27, this year.

To view more of the Burgess Brother’s work, visit:

If you would like to commission Tim, contact him at: [email protected]

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