Guilty: Greedy son with ‘insatiable thirst for cash’ slaughtered parents with shotgun at Sale home for inheritance

By David Keane

A cold-blooded son who slaughtered his parents with a sawn-off shot gun in Greater Manchester to get his hands on £230,000 inheritance money early was convicted of their murders today.

Stephen Seddon blasted his parents with the weapon in their Sale home in July last year – just four months after a previous attempt to kill them in a faked car plunge into a canal.

Unemployed Seddon, 46, was hailed as a ‘hero’ after the staged ‘accident’ – yet he had only saved them from the crash because bystanders had appeared, foiling his murder plans.

The father of three, who was the sole beneficiary of their £230,000 estate if the pair both died, was convicted of their murders at Manchester Crown Court today.

He was also convicted of two counts of attempted murder over the faked car plunge on March 20.

Seddon, from Benevente Street in Seaham, County Durham, was described as having an ‘insatiable thirst for cash’ by prosectuing Peter Wright QC.

When the guilty verdicts were read, the victims’ families jumped up from the seats, hugged, and shouted ‘yes!’.

Cheryl Hramiak, Branch Crown Prosecutor at CPS North West said: “[Seddon] had planned these crimes in enormous detail and went to great lengths to cover his tracks and avoid detection, staging the scene of the murders to make it look like his father was responsible for the shootings. 

“After his failed attempt to kill his parents by driving the car into the canal he even presented himself as a hero for trying to rescue them.   

“His motive was purely financial: to get his inheritance without waiting for his parents to die.  Since then he has tried to deceive everyone about what really happened and has shown no remorse whatsoever.”

The car crash into the Bridgewater Canal, Timperley, occurred on the way to a Mother’s Day meal in March last year.

Seddon changed the story behind the ‘accident’ multiple times, blaming it on a brick in the road or chest pains on different occasions.

However hospital tests later carried out showed no sign of a heart attack, and experts disputed the likelihood that debris in the road could have caused the crash.

Seddon’s father Robert, 68, eventually suspected the truth and confided in his GP that he believed his son was behind the ‘accident’ – but was murdered the next day, on July 4.

Police found Seddon’s mother Patricia, 65, dead in the hallway at their Clough Avenue home.

She had died from a shotgun blast to the temple and Robert, also known as Bob, was dead in a chair with the gun in his hands.

However police investigation revealed that it was not possible for Bob to have shot himself from that position – Seddon had in fact staged the murder suicide in a bid to cover his tracks.

Seddon had told police that he had been to his local job centre in County Durham that day before returning to a family caravan in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Yet later CCTV showed Seddon close to his parents home in the Sale area.

The judge, Mr Justice Hamblen, is due to pass sentence tomorrow morning at Manchester Crown Court MM will have all the news on it as it breaks.

COLD-BLOODED: The shotgun used by Stephen Seddon to murder his parents

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