Oldham explosion relief fund: Appeal for public to donate towards victims evacuated from destroyed Shaw homes

By Dean Wilkins

A relief fund is being set up to help those affected by the huge gas explosion in Shaw, Oldham, yesterday.

Two-year-old Jamie Heaton tragically died in the monstrous blast on Buckley Street and a 27-year-old man remains in critical condition with 80% burns.

And members of the public are able to donate funds to help the hundreds of families evacuated from their homes as well as the parents of young Jamie.

The Disaster Relief Fund for the Shaw Gas Explosion is being organized by Forever Manchester on behalf of Greater Manchester Local Authorities and is a special fund that is used to support the victims of large scale disasters and personal disasters.

The fund helps to cover costs that provide immediate relief to victims, such as providing families with clothes and furniture when people have had to flee their homes due to violence or disasters such as the gas explosion in Shaw earlier today.

The money that is used for these grants is money that has been kept in trust following fundraising from the Woolworths fire of 1979, the Manchester Airport disaster of 1985 and the 1996 Manchester City Centre bombing.

If you’d like to contribute to the Disaster Relief Fund, or to support the victims of the Shaw explosion, please click here and donate.

Alternatively, you can send cheques made payable to Forever Manchester (marked ‘Shaw’) to Forever Manchester, 5th Floor Speakers House, 39 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BA.

As little as £5 could contribute towards helping the victims of this disaster towards rebuilding their lives.

For further information contact Forever Manchester on 0161 214 0940.

HOMES FLATTENED: Gas leak reported to National Grid at 10.40am

HOMES EVACUTED: Hundreds of families are taking shelter in a nearby Asda store

SEARCH AND RESCUE: Dogs brought in to find missing man

CHILD DIES: Police confirmed a young child died during the blast

CHILD FATALITY: Youngster dies after Oldham explosion

COMPLETELY FLATTENED: Homes turned to debris in Oldham explosion


EMERGENCY SERVICES ON SCENE: Crews try to rescue residents

FIREFIGHTERS: Crews in Buckley Street after suspected gas explosion

BLOWN APART: Explosion rips through homes

HOMES DAMAGED: Huge explosion destroys street in Shaw

SEARCH AND RESCUE: Emergency crews look for ‘unaccounted for’ people


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