Are we tolerant? Writer Frank Furedi joins Manchester debate on modern day Britain’s attitudes

By Matt Simpson

Prominent writer and commentator Frank Furedi will be discussing the modern-day Briton’s attitude to tolerance in a Manchester debate.

The debate, hosted at the Manchester Salon next Tuesday, will see Furedi argue that liberal ideals have deteriorated almost to the point of irrelevance in contemporary society.

The issue of tolerance in this country has become a hot topic of discussion after the reaction to the 2011 riots and the severity of the punishment divided opinion.

Furedi’s argument, outlined in his book – On Tolerance: A Defence of Moral Independence, states that people can exercise moral judgment free from political and religious influence.

He will also demonstrate how the language of tolerance can be warped by politics, with particular reference to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s recent ‘bigot’ jibe directed at opponents of gay marriage.

The debate also hopes to raise the issue of whether tolerating the ideas of others is ‘intellectual cowardice’ or a pragmatic approach to living in today’s multicultural society.

The venue for the debate will be the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, on Cambridge Street, Manchester.

Tickets will be £5 and are available from the Salon website or by mailing [email protected]

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