Salford’s Halloween hoodlums face tougher punishments

By Emma Arnold

Troublemakers in Salford are being warned to behave this autumn or face the consequences.

‘Operation Treacle’ sees police in the area teaming up with Salford City Council to target those who cause harmful pranks during the Halloween and Bonfire Night season.

Officers will carry out regular patrols in hotspot areas to target antisocial behaviour, vandals and to reassure communities.

Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson, from Greater Manchester Police’s Metropolitan Division, said: “This Halloween officers will be visiting offenders to let them know that we are watching them to ensure that they do not return to their criminal ways.”

Anyone found to be harassing or intimidating people, playing with eggs and flour, or vandalising property will face police action

Superintendent David Wilkinson, from Greater Manchester Police’s Salford Division, said: “We’re not aiming to be killjoys and spoil people’s fun but we understand many residents across Salford dread this time of year.”

Trading Standards will also attempt to stop under-18s from buying fireworks and are encouraging retailers to introduce a Challenge 21 policy, resulting in an £80 fine for underage possession.

The dark evenings can provide extra cover for criminals who are looking for empty homes to target so police are advising residents to leave lights on to discourage burglars. 

To download ‘Halloween Trick or Treaters are welcome / not welcome’ posters to prevent trouble log on to for further safety advice.

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