‘No credit to phone vet’: Manchester mum and son jailed for pitilessly leaving dog to starve to death for 13 weeks

By Dean Wilkins

A heartless mother and son have been jailed in Manchester after abandoning their dog to starve to death for 13 weeks, claiming they did not have enough phone credit to call a vet.  

Adeline Stopher, 50, and Christopher Stopher, 24, of Burnthorp Avenue, Blackley, were jailed for 24 weeks and banned from keeping animals for ten years after three months of horrifying neglect.

The six-year-old German Shepherd was given so little food that she was forced to scavenge for anything consumable – her emaciated body left RSPCA workers severely distressed as she weighed just a quarter what she should have.

RSPCA inspector Paul Heaton said: “This was a very disturbing case. Both Mr and Mrs Stopher completely failed in their duty of care towards this dog and allowed her to suffer for a considerable time.”

SKIN AND BONES: Helpless dog was severely neglected for more than three months

NO CREDIT: Man claimed he was unable to alert vets about animal’s suffering

Suspicions were raised when Christopher contacted a crematorium and asked for the dog to be collected for cremation.

Crematorium staff were so alarmed by the dog’s gaunt state and poor body condition that they alerted the RSPCA.

It was estimated it had taken Wilson 13 weeks to die and her owners failed to ensure she had enough food or contact a vet to find out why she was losing condition.

Picture courtesy of RSPCA, with thanks

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