‘Our life has been destroyed’: Wife of Manchester City youngster’s crash victim speaks out after sentencing

By Paddy von Behr

Manchester City starlet Courtney Meppen-Walter destroyed a family’s lives, according to the wife of a man he killed in a car crash.

The teenager was sentenced to 16 months in jail today at Manchester Crown Court for causing the death of a brother and sister by careless driving.

Kulwant Singh, 32, and Ravel Kaur, 37, died on September 1 2012 when their Nissan Micra collided with Meppen-Walter’s Mercedes in Cheetham Hill.

Kushwant Kaur, Kulwant’s wife, said: “The driver has taken away my loving husband and father to my two children. Our life has been destroyed. 

“Kulwant was more than anything I have ever loved in my life, nothing can replace him.

“I am pleased that justice has been done.

“I hope that this will teach him so no family has to go through what myself and my family have been through this past few months, and will continue to go through for the rest of our lives.” 

Meppen-Walter, 18, was also banned from driving for three years on top of his sentence.

However Gawa Singh, brother to both Mr Singh and Ms Kaur, stated his belief the footballer should never be allowed to drive again.

He said: “Not only has this incident taken away two loved members of our family, it has also affected in such a big way the people left behind.

“Nothing will bring back our brother and sister and any sentence given by the courts will make our lives any better.

“People who kill on the roads should be banned from driving forever so that they can never do this again to another person. 

“We are reminded daily about the loss of our brother and sister – he should be reminded every day too by not having the luxury of having the use of a car.”

Ms Kaur’s two teenage sons were also hurt in the collision, but are currently recovering from their injuries.

Picture courtesy of Greater Manchester Police, with thanks.

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