Pictures: Woman, 86, freed after terrifying hour-long ordeal trapped under bus in Piccadilly Gardens

By Sean-Paul Doran

An 86-year-old woman was freed after being trapped under a double-decker bus for nearly an hour on Piccadilly Gardens, today.

Emergency crews battled to save the pensioner, who is believed to have severe leg and head injuries, and managed to keep her alive during the horrific incident.

The Stagecoach bus had to be lifted by fire crews in order to free the elderly woman.

At around 2.52pm the victim was caught under the front right wheel after falling in the road while crossing between Mosley Street and the bus station outside Primark.

Eye witness were left shaken at the sight as the bus ran over her while in the middle of the road.

The woman was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary with life-threatening injuries.

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