Canal Street’s Taurus bar celebrates black homosexual literature for Manchester Pride

By Rebecca Cohen

One of the events kickstarting the Manchester Pride festival on the opening night will be a literary tribute to homosexuality among black people.

Arguably Pride’s Canal Street hub, Taurus Bar, will host the celebration on 19th August, as they pay tribute to voices often referred to as a ‘minority within a minority’.

Publishers Peepal Tree Press and Sable Litmag have collaborated together to celebrate their 25th and 10th anniversaries, in a special literary soiree, which celebrates the voices of the Black LGBTQ community.

Guests will include writer and activist Thomas Glave – who will be addressing the homosexual themes from Andrew Salkey’s 1960 novel ‘Escape To An Autumn Pavement’.

Poets and writers Seni Seneviratne, Rommi Smith, Dorothea Smartt and Adam Lowe will also be performing.

As well as their own performances the writers will also be reading from Peepal Tree’s ‘Sections Of An Orange’ by Anton Nimblett and the ‘Caribbean Erotic’ anthology – a collection of poetry, short fiction, and critical essays that explores the erotic in contemporary Caribbean literature.

Peepal Tree’s encouragement for new Caribbean, Black British and South Asian fiction has impressed the Pride’s Festival Director, Jackie Crozier, who is delighted to have the publisher involved in the one-night free event.

 “This informative literary event, taking place in the heart of Canal Street, will educate and inspire those who attend,” she said.

“We are delighted to have Peepal Tree Press on board with this year’s Manchester Pride Fringe.”

For the more creative Pride-goers, there is also an opportunity for Black LGBTQ writers to take part in a workshop, hosted by Thomas Glave himself.

The workshop runs prior to the literary event at the Quaker Meeting House, from 3.15 – 5.45 pm.

Manchester Pride runs from the 19th – 29th August, offering its attendees everything from the best in music, arts, culture and more.

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