A bit fishy: The foot spa with a difference

By Jade Verity

Fish have been sucking on the feet of shoppers at The Trafford Centre in a new spa this month.

Appy feet has opened to queues of shoppers wanting to give it a go.

The spa uses Garra Rufa Fish who suck and nibble away the dry skin from your feet.

Rachel Carney, an Appy feet staff member, said, “The treatment can be a little tickly to start with, which is great, because we can all do with a laugh once in a while.”

She added that they are also working with environmental health to set standards for the business to keep it healthy, safe and enjoyable.

There are only four Appy feet stores around the UK, the first being in Sheffield, and are the first of their kind in England.

Owner Christina Wright said: “The treatment is extremely popular in salons in New York, France and Germany.”

This treatment has been used around the world, the Garra Rufa Fish have been called ‘doctor fish” on account of the fact that they have been used to treat the skin condition psoriasis in Turkey.

The clever fish can also stimulate acupuncture points which helps to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue.

The treatment is meant to greatly increase your blood circulation and flow.

The natural pedicure method originated from Turkey and is practiced all over the Far East.

Lynda Moyo, 24, a first timer at the foot spa, said: “It’s like a dog licking your feet.”

Susan Ashbourne, 55, another first timer, said: “They seemed to really love one of my feet and ignore the other however when I wriggled my ignored foot they did seem to be a bit more interested.”

A treatment is £10 for 15 minutes. For more information contact [email protected]

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