You better believe it! Pigs do fly in Manchester

By Kieran Agnew

Pigs really did fly over the streets of Manchester this week as a Salford based mobile app company launched their newest creation Pigs Might Fly.

The ancient adage seemed impossible to disprove as cardboard pig cut-outs attached to inflatables took to the sky above Deansgate, the Manchester Eye, Albert Square and numerous other locations across the city yesterday morning.

The outbreak of swine balloons across the city centre marked the introduction of the Appstart’s latest attempt to conquer the crowded app games marketplace.

Appstart is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Alex McDaid, 26,  and Liam Daly, 19.

Mr McDaid told MM that the idea behind the stunt was to put a smile on people’s faces.

“It’s a feelgood game and we wanted people to see something fun first thing in the morning,” he said.

People certainly seemed to respond positively to the pigs as they made their way to work across the city.

Trainee accountant Lindsay Davies, 22, was confronted by the sight of one of the pigs as she crossed Albert Square on her way to her office.

“I did a double take,” she said, “It certainly makes a difference from what I’m used to seeing walking across this square day after day.”

The pigs also caused a bit of a stir on Twitter, as some were startled by the advertising campaign.

Among them was user Pocketfuldreams, who said: “Love it: Pigs seen flying in Manchester!!! Excellent guerilla marketing campaign.”

The porcine adventurers were first released shortly after daybreak over the roundabout on St George Street, near Deansgate.

They made their way to the Triangle and Manchester eye and then on to various other city centre locations from there.

Mr McDaid reported that there had been a spike in sales of the game, in which Graham the pig makes a bid to escape being turned into sausages, after the pigs returned to their pen shortly before lunchtime.

It is currently placed at number 14 on the kids games chart and inside the top 200 on the overall games chart.

Appstart was founded by Mr McDaid and Mr Daly in 2009, and currently employs 15 people in its office at the Clifton Business Park. They have produced numerous games Apps aimed at children, including Hoopla! And Splat!! as well as a range of titles suitable for all ages.

Mr McDaid made it clear that, although the pigs were there to bring cheer to everyone as they made their morning journeys through the city, it was their aim to bring children some half term fun.

“The reaction we got from the kids was fantastic,” he said “I hope that they enjoy the game just as much.”

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