Exclusive: Salford’s superhero Knight Warrior seeks donations to run for Mayor

By Jess Wilson

Salford’s very own superhero, the infamous Knight Warrior, is running for Mayor of Salford.

Rodger Hayhurst, AKA Knight Warrior, coined his superhero alter-ego after stumbling across a website on the internet about city superheroes 19 months ago.

The part-time vigilante, part-time gardener, then rose to fame after he was spotted patrolling the streets of Salford in full superhero attire.

A social media campaign will kick off this weekend to raise awareness of the caped crusader’s plans to stand as a candidate in Salford’s mayoral elections in May.

Knight Warrior told MM: “Salford needs a sense of community. At the moment, people know each other for the wrong reasons, mainly through drugs and knife crime.

“It’s not like it used to be anymore. Everyone needs to look out for each other for the right reasons.”

Using Facebook, Twitter and PayPal as his toolkit, the hooded hero will be asking for donations to raise the £500 fee that is required to enter the election.

Knight Warrior told MM that his idea is to create a link to a PayPal account on as many social media sites as he can, asking for 500 people to donate £1 to his cause.

With the closing date for mayoral nominees being next Wednesday (April 4), the vigilante is aware that his mission is a great one.

Posters are currently being designed and are due to fill the streets of Salford at the weekend.

Once Knight Warrior’s nominee form has been handed into Salford City Council, he has until April 10 to withdraw. After that he will officially be in the running.

The lone soldier told MM that he was feeling confident about the elections.

He said: “If I win the election I want to change a lot of things in Salford.

“I want to get guns off the streets and set up gun amnesties so people can take guns into the police station.

Knight Warrior said that putting more police on the streets was also high on his agenda.

The superhero currently patrols the mean streets of Salford three to four nights a week, targeting antisocial behaviour between the hours of 10.30pm – 4am.

He told MM that although his costume is often enough of a distraction to get people to stop fighting, he does still feel threatened.

He said: “I do get some nasty comments, but for every bad comment I get, I get a good one too.

“Most of the threats I get are online,” he added.

Knight Warrior told us that if he wins the vote, he will still be patrolling the streets on a regular basis, and he may even recruit some more Knight Warriors to join his team.

The vigilante expressed his commitment to social cohesion and his aims to focus on creating more youth centres in Salford.

He added: “I’d spend money on getting young people into youth centres where they could meet other young people.

“There would be the opportunity for them to learn life skills here and to get certificates and qualifications.”

Knight Warrior has just started spreading his crime prevention message to the youngest members of society, giving a number of talks at local primary schools.

The first of these took place last week at Newall Green Primary School in Wythenshaw.

Knight Warrior told MM that he will most definitely continue with these visits if he wins the election.

He said: “It’s really important to inspire kids to do good things in the community. I want to encourage as many children as possible to participate in charity and voluntary work.”

Talking about his school visits, he said: “The children were so inspired by me when I walked in and really took notice of what I said about the importance of never being violent and avoiding knife and gun crime.

“The costume is really important for school visits. The children are always going to remember the day a superhero came into their school.”

The Salford mayoral election will run simultaneously with the local elections on May 3 and residents will cast their vote for both elections at the same time.

Both elections will be verified on Thursday May 3, but where the local election votes will be counted at 11pm on the day, the mayoral count won’t take place until the following day.

The election will use a supplementary voting system, allowing residents to elect a first and second choice candidate.

To find further information about Salford’s superhero Knight Warrior click here

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