Prepare for controversial realism with Manchester-based TV drama The Endz

By James Briscoe, Arts & Culture Correspondent

The Endz is nigh!  Fans of Coronation Street and Shameless: prepare for a realistic take on Manchester street life with new Sky drama, The Endz.

Be warned: this no holds barred production contains all-sorts of behaviour with drug abuse, violence, racism, radical views and gang crime all prevalent.

The makers of The Endz say it is unlike other dramas in its class as it allows the actors and audience to live as the characters.

They also claim there will be no glamorisation in this take of life in ‘the ends’ of Manchester and its gritty nature might make you double-check your door at night.

The Endz director, Chris Kenna, who also stars in the 12-part series, said: “We expect our audience to be shocked and appalled yet socially reflective on what they observe and learn.

“I loved Shameless but I thought it was the only thing of its kind (based) in Manchester and I thought we could show something diverse through local people.”

Chris said that about 90% of the cast of The Endz come from Manchester and they portray the gritty way of life in the city brilliantly.

The series is currently being filmed in Manchester on a Canon 7D and Canon 5D mark 2. It is the first TV series to be filmed on such equipment.

This minimalistic way of filming shows the potential for cutting edge drama with fewer and smaller cameras and is an exciting step for the industry.

Chris had a meeting with Sky chiefs in London and the prospect of a second series is apparantly ‘favourable’.

The show premieres on Wednesday September 21 on Sky My View Channel 219 at 10pm and will show once-a-week.

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