Surprise tribute appearance of ‘Amy Winehouse’ at Manchester Pride

Words by Ben Moran, photography by Amy Senior

‘Amy Winehouse’ made a surprise, and arguably controversial, appearance at Manchester Pride this weekend.

Taurus bar co-owner Mike Pollard, more commonly known as Polly, hosted much of the festivities from Taurus while dressed as the recently deceased star.

However his performance went down a storm as the crowds in Canal Street welcomed him with a rapturous applause.

Before dressing up as Amy, Polly told MM: “I’m not sure how it will go down to be honest. Is it too soon? Who knows. Hopefully people will see it as the tribute it is meant to be rather than anything else.”

And from the reaction to his (or her?) appearances on both Saturday and Sunday, it certainly seems that this is how it was interpreted.

One Pride visitor and Amy Winehouse fan, Adam Townley, said: “I think it’s just the kind of thing we need. We should be celebrating great stars like Amy Winehouse, not shying away from it.”

Other ‘stars’ who made an appearance at the bar were Susan Boyle and Cher – again tributes of varying likenesses.

Taurus have been one of the Pride festival’s hotspots this year, attracting crowds every day, so much so that on Saturday one nearby entrance to the Pride area had to be closed off due to the hundreds in the street.

Following the success of Saturday’s evening, Taurus bar tweeted: “What an unbelievable day yesterday was… Polly was truly amazing. Sluts, Federation, Susan Boyle, Cher,et al…Thanks to a wonderful crowd outside. Thanks for your support.”

BACK ON STAGE: Polly as Amy Winehouse in Canal Street on Saturday

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