Death penalty for child murderers and Manchester police killer, claims UKIP deputy leader

By Dean Wilkins

The death penalty should be brought back for child murderers and the killer of two Manchester police officers, according to a North West MEP.

Deputy leader for the UK Independence Party Paul Nuttall is calling for the return of capital punishment for those who have committed serious crimes against the state.

The MEP believes offenders give up their right to life by taking someone else’s and insists that whoever is convicted for the murder of Greater Manchester Police officers Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone should pay with their life.

“It is time that those who commit such heinous crimes should face the ultimate sanction against them,” said Mr Nuttall.

“We so recently had two women police officers blasted to death in Manchester and all our brave bobbies face similar risks every day.

“They deserve all the protection the State can provide and I believe that means the death penalty awaiting culprits.”

The death penalty was abolished in 1969 across Great Britain and is binding law as part of the European Convention on Human Rights – the UK would have to walk out on the EU to return capital punishment.

But Mr Nutall claims that the country should no longer tolerate serious criminals and they should pay ‘the ultimate price’.

“The same should apply to those who murder children and for serial killers,” he added. “We must lay down a mark in the sand beyond which the ultimate price must be paid by offenders.

“People have had more than enough of soft sentencing in this country and it must be made plain that crime will not be tolerated.

“That starts from low level anti-social behaviour, which needs to be dealt with firmly, and goes up to murder.”

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