Weird World: Live shark falls from sky onto golf course – but lives to tell the tail

By Lucy Kenderdine

A live shark fell from the sky onto a Californian golf course last week making for an unusual putting hazard.

The two-foot long leopard shark landed near the 12th tee on the San Juan Hills Golf Club and was discovered by an on-duty marshal.

Melissa McCormack, Director of Club Operations, told the Capistrano Dispatch: “It was just wriggling around.”

The shark was placed in a bucket with water and salt before Bryan Stizer, a cart attendant, used his break time to return it to its watery home.

Bryan believed the shark to be dead when he dropped him in the Pacific Ocean, four miles away from the golf course.

He said: “He just lay there for a few seconds, but then he did a twist and shot off into the water.”

It is presumed that the fish-out-of-water was snatched by a predatory bird from the ocean before dropping his catch on the golf course.

The shark had wounds on its body which supports the theory however there is still the possibility that humans could have been responsible.

Nobody was injured by the shark but it is not the only unusual item to have crashed back to earth in spectacular style this week.

Birds do occasionally fall from the sky but flightless chickens are a rare occurrence, until recently.

Earlier last week a teenager was hit on the head by a piece of raw chicken that dropped from the heavens in a scene reminiscent of the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Two other pieces also fell nearby in the freak shower of poultry which happened during her horseback riding lesson in Assawoman, Virgina.

Luckily the girl was wearing a helmet and so was not injured by the meat, some of which measured a foot in length.

 This was also thought to be the work of another crafty bird, this time a shrewd seagull that lost its grip on his meal.

Mysteriously the evidence had disappeared by the next morning and so nothing could be confirmed about the origins of the falling fowl.

Maybe it’s raining cats and dogs should be changed to ‘it’s raining sharks and chickens’ in light of recent events.

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