Altrincham’s Brew House kicks off Christmas with a toast and a winter beer tasting session

By Kevin McHugh

Christmas is kicking off early at one of Altrincham’s favourite world beer haunts, as they begin the festive period with a winter beer tasting session.

Since the closure of Le Trappiste, its successor, The Brew House, has been flying the flag for high quality beer in Altrincham.

And on 5 December there will be the Winter Beer Tasting, an annual tradition kept on from the heady days of the award winning Belgian beer bar, shut down at the end of October.

And though it’s only been open for a little over three weeks, The Brew House has seen customers from all over the North West flock to try the global range of ales.

Martin Mathews, owner of the popular establishment, puts the bar’s success down to quality and variety.

“We are getting a lot more new people in,” said Martin.

“We’ve retained the very best Belgian beers, the classic ones, and aided by ones from these new innovative breweries, it’s really going down well.”

In the run up to Christmas there will be a series of occasions at The Brew House designed to celebrate the festive season.

For £20 on the 5 December event, people will be able to sample six specially selected winter beers and keep themselves warm with some Belgian-style stew.

Speaking at the event will be Dave Ward – a prominent figure in the campaign for real ale who was himself a brewer but is now penning a book on the pubs of Cheshire.

A week a later on 12 December the bar will be hosting a Meet the Brewer night where Josie Ludford from the innovative Brew Dog brewery (creators of the world’s strongest beer – 32%, in case you were wondering) will be coming by with some samples of the company’s finest. Tickets are £8.

Another tradition carried on from Le Trappiste is the “12 Beers of Christmas” which starts at the beginning of December and sees a dozen selected winter beers appear on the guest beer page of the menu – but be quick. We’re warned that once they’re gone, they’re gone!

For tickets for any of the upcoming events, head into the bar on Shaw’s Road, Altrincham, for more information check out The Brew House website at

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