Cakes and coffee against cancer at Canal Street’s Taurus bar

By Kevin McHugh

Canal Street stood up against cancer today when Taurus bar held its annual coffee and cake charity event for the sixth year running.

The bar, located at the end of Canal Street, continued its support of MacMillan Cancer Support by offering free refreshments and delicious cakes to all, asking only for a donation to the charity in return.

The event drew in passers-by and workers from nearby offices and staff were rushed off their feet to meet the demand. Charity, combined with the sunny weather, brought out the best in people and donations for £20 or more were not uncommon.

The variety of cakes on offer were all handmade by Taurus staff and friends of the bar came along to help out where they could.

Linda Gaines, who hosts her own cancer support event at the bar for Sparkle – the annual transvestite and transgender celebration – was at Taurus to organise a tombola.

Linda said: “It’s nice to give time to help people who are less fortunate and cancer is something that affects us all, no matter who we are.”

But where the cakes were involved, the oven mitts came off and helping out for charity became competitive.

Manager, Nosheel Rahi, explained: “The baking brings out lots of in-house rivalries – like who can make the best cakes! But it’s all for a good cause.”

The event was part of the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’, MacMillan Cancer Support’s largest fundraising event.

Thousands of people across the country organise their own coffee mornings on 30 September every year to raise money for the charity and last year the total collected reached over £8 million.

Stephen Fry, or rather his female alternate ego, Edna Fry, even hosted his own virtual coffee morning on social networking site, Twitter.

The author, actor and television presenter is a renowned tweeter and used his celebrity profile to promote the cause while offering funny videos and responses to his virtual guests.

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