A rise in knife crime – more Manchester men than ever are tempted by a nip-tuck

by Luke Gray

MANCHESTER’S men are increasingly more likely to go under the knife in order to improve their bodies, recent research has revealed.

Transform Surgery Cosmetic Group has revealed that one in five of medical inquiries are coming from men.

The most popular surgery among men is a ‘moob’ operation, supporting the view that obesity among men is on the increase.

A spokesperson for the Transform group in Manchester, said: “We’ve introduced a number of special offers in order to keep our customers interested.

“We now have an increased number of multi-operation packages, allowing the customers to get a number of operations at a smaller price.

“We have also seen a big interest in the number of men inquiring to our surgery.

“If Manchester is anything to go by, the stereotype that cosmetic surgery is just for girls is proving to be inaccurate.”

Chris Doyle, a 23-year-old shop assistant, said: “I personally have never felt the need to have any but I wouldn’t rule it out.

“If I wasn’t happy with a part of my body and had the cash I’d certainly consider surgery.

“I don’t think it’s surprising more men are considering surgery as it’s not just women who have issues with the way they look.”



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