Playtime’s over for 7-year-olds as new scheme gets them planning first job

by Aimee Horwich

THE GOVERNMENT’S proposal to provide children as young as seven with careers advice has been criticised by Manchester’s school teachers.

Schools Secretary Ed Balls was “on tenterhooks” after his recent plan to replace conventional head-teachers came under fire.

Now the revelation that primary schools will begin offering careers-related learning, has been received as the government’s next big ‘Balls-up’.

Mr Balls said: “It is often too late for children to start thinking about this at 14 when they are influenced from when they are seven, eight and nine.”

The plan, which involves providing every child with a mentor and organising class trips to universities will be trialled in 38 schools.

Manchester United’s football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, will helping to launch this ‘radical’ scheme.

However Mancunian supply teacher, Andrea Tobias, said: “I just think it’s ridiculous. They are targeting the wrong children, seven-years-old is too young.

 “They should be targeting children who are already in high school; seven-to-eleven-year-olds are never going to benefit from this.”

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