Manchester shops not solving your Christmas present hunt? Daft Yank auctions own leg for tattooing on eBay

By Dean Wilkins

As the stress of Christmas shopping sets in the nightmare of buying the perfect present could be solved with a novelty idea… paying an American to tattoo anything you want on his leg.

Dragging your feet through Manchester’s Arndale and avoiding the growing crowds has taken its toll on many festive punters but a man from across the pond is offering his limb for lolly.

eBay fanatic Pimple is eager to give someone the licence to his leg with a no-restrictions deal for one lucky bargain hunter searching for a merry message like no other.

The regular eBayer said: “I’m offering people anything… it could be your wedding proposal to your girlfriend.

“We will make a video and place it on YouTube just so you can tell her ‘Hey babe come watch this video of this guy getting a crazy tat…’ imagine her face when she realises what you had done!”

The enthusiastic tattooist hails from Florida but is accepting offers from across the planet for the chance to own 30 square inches of his skin for life.

And Pimple insists that he enjoys giving people the opportunity to buy their loved ones a gift with a twist.

“I have been a fan of eBay for quite some time now,” he said. “I love doing my tattoo advertising through eBay.

“I love the people here and eBay makes it so much fun to make new friends.”

But if buying someone’s thigh is not on your Santa wish list then perhaps Sir Richard Branson’s used golf socks may spark a smile for your loved one.

And if spending more than a house on Christmas presents is appealing, then paying £100,000 for a life-sized canvas cut-out of BBC Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson on a pogo stick is also available.

But not to worry, postage is only £4.95 so it’s not all bad news for the wallet.

Picture courtesy of eBay

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