Any takers? Jail for Stalybridge Facebook fool who tried to sell stun gun on social network site

By Ben Ireland & Lucy Kenderdine

A man from Greater Mancheter was jailed today for a year after advertising firearms on Facebook.

Aaron Wilson, 25, of Knowl Street, Stalybridge was handed a 12-month sentence at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court for possessing a stun gun and live ammunition without a certificate.

By chance, police saw the online advertisement and obtained a warrant to search his property, where they found the gun and a folder of 28 live bullets.

The gun, bought for £20, was in his cabinet and he handed it over to police without question adding that he ‘did not realise the seriousness of the offence’.

He told police the gun ‘does not even work’, and this was later confirmed by weapons experts.

Wilson claimed he had found the 9mm bullets in his garden and would have handed them in, but was afraid his fingerprints would raise suspicion, the court heard.

The defence argued Wilson was naïve and urged Judge Timothy Mort for a lenient sentence.

Wilson, who suffers from depression, is a father of one and said his estranged partner was unlikely to bring his son to visit him in jail.

But, Judge Mort maintained that the live ammunition ‘had no use other than to kill, maim or frighten’.

He was given a 12-month custodial sentence for the live unlicensed ammunition, with a one month concurrent sentence for possessing the stun gun.

Picture courtesy of Sitemerca, with thanks.

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