Expecting Rochdale dad jailed for smashing taxi up over £8.50 fare after ‘red mist’ descends

 By Ben Ireland & Lucy Kenderdine

A man was jailed for 12 months after smashing a taxi and breaching his suspended sentence for GBH at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court today.

Jordan Jeffrey Holmes, 20, of Cumberland Road, Rochdale, was previously convicted on February 2012 after assaulting female friends at a party in June 2011.

He broke one girl’s cheekbone and, when ejected from the property, smashed the front window with a cricket bat, and received a 12 month sentence suspended for two years.

On September 29 2012, the unemployed defendant hired a taxi from Holland Road to take him to his home, but on arrival could not pay the £8.50 fare.

The defendant argued he had been locked in the taxi by the driver before seeing red, but the driver denies this and claimed Holmes went inside the house and returned with another man.

Holmes caused £200 of damage to the vehicle when he threw a crutch at the window of the cab after losing his temper before the taxi driver called the police.

Judge Timothy Mort said a ‘red mist’ had descended over the defendant who had otherwise ‘calmed down’ since his last appearance in court.

He praised Holmes, whose girlfriend is expecting, for his  ‘upbeat and positive’ attitude since news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy and cited his carpentry apprenticeship.

Holmes was sentenced to a 12-month custodial sentence, with the final six months to be served on licence.

He was given three months for the new offence and nine months for breaching the suspended sentence.

Picture courtesy of Erasoft24, with thanks.

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