PICTURES: Thousands eagerly await arrival of London 2012 Olympic Torch in Bolton – as rain still holds off

By Mancunian Matters staff

Thousands are already crowding Bolton’s streets in eager anticipation of the arrival of the London 2012 Olympic Torch as it makes its 70 day relay around the UK.

While grey clouds hang moodily across the sky, rain still holds off.

Boxer Amir Khan is expected to bring the torch into his hometown on the final leg of day 13 for the relay.

Laura White and The Wombats are all set to grace the stage in a free concert following the torch’s arrival in Bolton, Twist & Pulse have already taken to the stage to warm up the crowd.

And excitement is running high with those awaiting the torch’s arrival.

Jillian Taylor, a volunteer presenter and producer at Bolton FM, told MM: “I’m just so excited – it’s a once in a lifetime experience, and there’s just so much happening.”

And many voice similar sentiments. Betty McColgan, a Bolton teacher, said: “I work very much with community cohesion and events like this can bring people together. It’s a brilliant opportunity for the people of Bolton to get involved with something as incredible as the torch relay.”

However Mrs McColgan did voice some concerns about the promotion of the relay around the town. “I do feel the council could have done more to promote it. Many of my friends with children didn’t know about it.”

Earlier today, the flame was in Tatton Park, where former PE teacher Michael Dooling was one of those lucky enough to carry it. The 63-year-old from Prescot was nominated by LOCOG and has been involved in athletics for over 50 years.

PROUD: Michael Dooling carries the flame in Tatton Park

ALREADY ROCKING: Twist & Pulse have already taken to the stage to warm up the crowd

EXPECTANT: Crowds begin to appear on Bolton’s streets

PUCKER UP: One fan has Team GB on her lips

EXCITED: One couple await Khan’s arrival

ON STAGE: The Wombats are final band before the torch arrives

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