MM’s Cheap Eats: Prawn Tom Yum Soup

By Melanie Hughes

MM’s resident foodie is back with another of her low-budget dishes. With the New Year healthy eating regime underway, why not try this delicious prawn and noodle soup.

Prawn Tom Yum Soup

Serves 2

12-14 raw prawns (season with a  bit of salt and pepper and maybe some chilli flakes)

Half a courgette, cut into strips

1 large carrot cut into strips

Half a red and yellow pepper cut into strips

Half a tin of chopped tomatoes

1 and a half pints of fish stock (I use a mixture of fish and chicken)

Half a chopped onion

1 crushed garlic clove

2 servings of egg noodles, uncooked

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Fresh coriander

1 stick of Lemongrass

Tsp fish sauce

Wedge of lime to serve

Time to kick yourself into shape with a healthy prawn and noodle soup after the relentless Christmas and New Year binging.

This recipe seems daunting at first but, trust me, it’s so easy and it’s probably much healthier than the take-away versions.

Firstly, set a griddle pan to a high heat and sear the prawns very quickly. This will only take a minute or two so be careful not to overcook them. Remove from heat and set aside for later.

Then, heat a large pot to a medium to high heat and add some vegetable oil. Throw in the onions and garlic to soften for a few minutes before adding the remaining vegetables and chopped tomatoes.

It’s important to note here that you can use any vegetables you like really. I like to add spinach or some pak choi for a really authentic feel but it’s totally up to you.

Then add the fish stock straight away. Take the lemongrass and bash them slightly with the edge of your knife, although not too much as you don’t want them to break up, just enough to release all the flavour.

Add the lemongrass and season if needed. You can season with normal salt if you like but I prefer to use fish sauce for the saltiness, although the stock will be quite salty so taste as you go!

When the vegetables are beginning to soften add the dry egg noodles and cook them in the broth for extra flavour! You might need to add a little more water if you feel that they’re soaking too much up but this is ok.

Then when the noodles are soft add the prawns in to heat through for one minute and the chopped coriander. Give it all a mix around and squeeze in the lime juice just before serving.

Serve with thai prawn crackers.

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