The £10 Challenge – Bonfire night bonanza for under a tenner

By Robert James Pollock

There is no better time of year to have a fantastically frugal weekend.

Saturday marks the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up the House of Lords, with King and aristocracy inside, on 5 November 1605 – that’s bonfire night to you and me.

Multiple locations across the city are staging bonfires/firework displays but I direct you to one being hosted by the Horse and Jockey pub in Chorlton.

The pub is situated on ‘The Green’, an idyllic setting at the end of the vibrant Beech Road. There is a children’s firework display at 7-30pm, where kids have the opportunity to mark their names on Chinese Lanterns, and the main display will begin at 9-30pm.

Most importantly this is absolutely free, obviously the publican is hoping that you wet your whistle but this is nowhere to be seen in the small print so simply return some evening when you have ‘lead in your pencil’( money in your pocket) and have a few shandys as a subtle payment in kind.

As we are not advocating a ‘session’ in the Horse and Jockey it would be wise to bring along a suitable beverage of your own. Leading into Xmas and taking into consideration it will be a cold night in the South Manchester suburb I recommend a flask of hot port.

A bottle of Dow’s midnight Port can be picked up for around £5 and all you need to swipe from your shelves is brown sugar, oranges and cloves.

My recommendation: Half fill your flask with boiling hot water, add three tsp of brown sugar and add a couple of slices of orange that have been pieced with whole cloves. Fill the rest with port. Delicieux!

The event doesn’t kick-off until 7-30 or 9pm depending on which display you wish to attend so we still have a day to get through and a whole fiver to help.

I recommend a visit to ‘Moss Side Stories’ at the Contact Theatre situated on Devas Street, off Oxford Road. The exhibition consists of a series of large scale portraits and archive images taken during the Moss Side riots 30 years ago. Admission to the exhibition is free leaving our monetary situation unchanged.

With a whole fiver still in the bank you can set off for Beech Road slightly prematurely and stop off at Bar Lorenzo, a beautiful little tapas restaurant situated on the road’s corner.

Order some fresh breads with tapenade and oils, wash down with some tap water and soak up the atmosphere in this truly authentic Spanish restaurant. The bread and oils will leave you with just over a pound so why not pop across to the grocers opposite Bar Lorenzo, pick up a toffee apple, and saunter towards the firework display.

All that for a Pavarotti… think about it.

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