Piccadilly Pulse: E.coli Cucumbers – 05/06/2011

By Davie Heaton

As scientists search for the source of this week’s European E. coli scare, we take to the streets to see if Mancunians are taking cucumber off the menu…

Piccadilly Poll: Has this week’s E. coli scare put you off eating cucumbers?


Yes 40%
No 44%
They are the devil’s food anyway



Jo Delany, 41, full-time mum, Altrincham:

“I wouldn’t feed my child cucumber at this time no. I know it’s unlikely anything would go wrong but I just wouldn’t take that risk, it’s such a terrifying thought.”

Stuart Briggs, 34, musician, Bury:

“Of course it hasn’t put me off. It’s a complete joke that anyone would even think about it. There’s as much chance of getting mad cow’s disease as getting E. coli from a cucumber in this country. People are just always on the lookout for the next drama.”

Jack Lloyd, 20, student, Didsbury:

“To be honest it probably has put me off yeah. I know that’s not really rational but I’m a bit of a wimp about these things. I still worry about mad cow’s disease when I eat a burger so yeah would think twice now.”

Stephanie Quinn, 27, accountant, Sale:

“No. Don’t be stupid.”

Joshua N’guri, 31, shop owner, city centre:

“It’s really scary because they have no idea where it’s coming from and so they don’t know how to stop it from coming here. It’s really bad because people are scared to buy these things like cucumbers and salads from me now even though I have a sign to say they are not from Spain or Germany, they are grown locally, you know? It just doesn’t matter to people – they don’t buy them now anyway. It’s really bad news.”

Asad Salman, 38, bar manager, Tameside:

I think people are over reacting to this. You have got really high food hygiene standards in this country compare to places like where I’m from so the possibility of you getting some serious illness from food isn’t high. You can’t be scared of things just because of a few bad stories otherwise you will be scared to do anything at all.”

Xavier Hinds. 24, builder, city centre:

“I wouldn’t eat a cucumber if it had E. coli, C. coli or any other kind of Coli. They are absolutely disgusting man. They got no flavour at all, it’s just water and seeds.”

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