Piccadilly Pulse: Under what, if any, circumstances should assisted suicide be allowed?

By James Booker

A new controversial report has been published about the possible legislation regarding assisted suicide, with some hailing it as ‘a step in the right direction’.

The report, however, has come in from criticism on for not being radical enough, as it only recommends assisted suicide for the terminally ill, and not for those who have long term conditions.

MM set out to gather the thoughts and opinions of people in Manchester on this delicate issue.

Under what, if any, circumstances should assisted suicide be allowed? 

If the person is in a vegetative state30%
If they have a life limiting illness43%
If they have less than a year to live17%
It should never be allowed10%


Margaret, 59, social worker from Middleton: “It’s definitely up to the individual. They have to be able to make it for themselves and I am not sure if someone else making the decision is right.”

Mick, 68, retired from Withington: “Anyone has the right to take their own life, wherever and whenever they please. If they can’t make that choice then it becomes more difficult.”

Jack, 20, student from Fallowfield: “If they are in a vegetative state. No-one can enjoy living in that state and I think it’s OK when it’s like that.”

Ellen, 39, receptionist from Bury: “If they are dying already then I think it’s acceptable. They should be able to choose themselves.”

Jonas, 27, student from Rochdale: “It should never be allowed. Life is precious and should be valued until the day you die.”

Nasim, 42, taxi driver from Rochdale: “It’s a very, very serious issue. People do have the right to choose for themselves whether they end their life or not, but when it involves others is harder.”

Tina, 24, charity worker from Rusholme: “They do not have to be dying but if their limited to the extent where it depresses them, then surely they can have the right to die?”

Nikki, 35, teacher from Bolton: “Yes. It should be allowed. Absolutely no question it should be allowed.”

Leila, 21, student from Withington: “I would want to have the right to die if I wished and people should be allowed to help me to do it.”

Sami, 40, customer service manager from Oldham: “I don’t know – where would you draw the line at what is acceptable and what is not?”

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