Piccadilly Pulse: Do you feel safer protecting your home following recent court rulings?

By Felicity Robertson

A man who stabbed to death an intruder in his Bramhall home was today told he would not be charged.

Vincent Cooke, 39, was told by the Crown Prosecution Service that he acted in ‘reasonable self-defence’ and that he will not face charges.

This is the third time this year that a Greater Manchester resident has been acquitted after similar charges, which prompted MM to ask the question:

Considering the three recent acquittals in Greater Manchester, do you now feel safer in what you can or can’t do when defending your home against an intruder?

I would already do whatever necessary28%

Sue Hardisty, 54, housewife, Ormskirk

“Yes I would feel much safer knowing they’ve let that chap away today. It gives better piece of mind.”


Philip Molnar, 23, Student, Salford

“Freeze, fly, flight. I’m not sure what I would do but don’t believe killing would be my first reaction.”


Mike Thomas, 53, Network Rail worker, Glossop

“Yes I have a baseball bat by the door. I lived in New York so it has dual purposes!”


Chris Smith, 23, Student, Nottingham

“Yeh, if someone’s breaking in to your house what you gonna do?”


Dean Williams, 18, Student, Stockport

“If my family was at risk I wouldn’t hesitate at all.”


J. L. Gagnon, 61, retired, Ontario Canada (on holiday)

“You don’t know who’s coming through the door or window. Strike now ask questions later, it’s protecting your life.”


Mr Cowan, 55, RAC Patrolman, Oldham

“If he wasn’t there in the first place it wouldn’t have happened, you’d do the same in that situation.”

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