The £10 Challenge: Make sure your post-Lent binge doesn’t break the bank

By Adam Ryder

With today being Easter Sunday, Lent is over. So this week’s challenge looks the quickest and most satisfying ways you can splurge £10 on the most common Lent sacrifices.

Chocolate and sweets

These are probably the most difficult items for people to give up. As the 40 days of Lent comes to a close there are many ways you can waste £10, you need to get over to Pound World in the Northern Quarter, where there is a vast array of everybody favourite sweets for £1 pound each.

Included in this selection are Cadbury’s animal biscuits, Oreo Biscuits and Butter Kiss Popcorn, among other items.

Those with a very sweet tooth can easily spend £10 and gorge themselves silly on sugar filled snacks.

Take Aways

People who try to give up eating out often fail as there are always little chippies, kebab shops and Chinese places located on nearly every corner and dotted around the town centre.

One of the best deals for cheap take-out food has to be Buffet Metro in Piccadilly. Lunch time buffets start from just £4.95 meaning for £10 a person can easily treat themselves and another to a belly busting feast of food that they have missed during Lent.

Included in the buffet is traditional Chinese favourites is Kung PO chicken, special fried rice and honey roast pork. They also have a special limited offer on at the minute with 50% off the food bill.


Gambling is usually high up on the list among other nasty habits that people try to give up and often fail miserably. 

Manchester is home to a wide range of betting establishments, Manchester235 Casino, located on Watson Street, has free entry into the premises and offers two floors of classic casino games, including Poker, Black Jack and American Roulette.

The fastest way to spend £10 is to get on the roulette wheel. You have a one in 37 chance of winning and you might even get lucky make £370.

Otherwise there are the usual bookies like Ladbrokes and William Hill and if you use your head and Join Paddy Power online you can save the £10 for a rainy day and claim a free £25.


Last, but most definitely not least, on the list of things people try to give up is sex.

Many of you may have already given in to temptation, but if you did hold out, then gents, perhaps buy £10 worth of flowers rather than just jumping on her, and ladies, you may choose to spend the £10 on Durex Endurance – he’ll need them.

For those without a partner there are, apparently, establishments that may offer services for as little as £10. But we couldn’t possibly help you with that.

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