The £10 Challenge – Hangover cures, pies and late night cinema 09/09/11

By Mel Hughes

Right, ten pounds doesn’t seem like a lot but I’ll attempt to inspire you and give you some ideas to make it cover the entertainment (and essentials!) this weekend.

Firstly, you’ll need an extra kick start in the morning to shake off that hangover. Why not go old school with your remedy method and get some dissolvable aspirin for just 39p. It used to be Simon from Teachers’ staple every morning so you know you look cool even if you feel rough.

The Manchester Market is in town this weekend so get into the City Centre and check out what’s on offer. There’s food, clothes, bags all from local businesses from around the country but the pick of the bunch are the individual Tractor Wheel Pies from Orchard Pigs pie makers. They’ll be around on Saturday but not Sunday and they have a great selection of these indulgent Tractor Wheel Pies.

Expect such gems as Game Pie with red wine, Pork Pie with apple and cider, Pork Pie with a Stilton crust, and also the “season special” pheasant and chestnut pie. Try something new, they’re rich and luxurious and only £2 for a decent sized pie.

Now why not do what you’ve always wanted to but could never build up the courage or just never get round to it and dye your hair! Whether it’s concealing a few stray greys, making the switch from brown to blonde or perhaps something brighter you can get a bottle of semi-permanent dye for £2.49 from Julia in the Northern Quarter.

The Julia salon is wall to wall with products of all kinds, including wigs. On the other hand, if you’ve never had the urge to colour your barnet you could get a kick out of replacement your flatmate’s shampoo with dye. Just make sure they don’t have an important meeting on Monday morning.

Whether you’re an early riser or a more of a late night person you can catch a film at the AMC Cinema in the Great Northern for just £4 if you go before midday or after 11pm on Fridays – late offer only – Saturdays and Sundays, early offer only. The late-showings prove quite popular and there’s usually a good turnout.

You’ve got £1.12 left, if my maths hasn’t failed me. My suggestion would be 12 penny chews to take to the cinema with you and a scratch card; win another ten pounds and do it all over again!

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