The riots a month on: Has Manchester recovered yet?

By Mancunian Matters staff

A month has passed since the night Manchester fell into the hands of rioters and looters.

With the massive clean up effort the following day, a surprising amount of the damage was cleared up by lunch time the following day.

But there are still windows boarded up and many businesses still have the ‘I Love MCR’ poster alongside their shop displays.

We took to the streets of Manchester to find out:

How do you think Manchester has recovered since the riots one month ago?

Option Result
Better than expected 41%
Adequately 53%
Not quite recovered yet 6%


Joe Newan, 39, Newton Heath, Taxi Driver

 “It’s all back to normal, nobody seems to be worried. It was just a blip, just copying what they were doing down there [in London].”

Tom Kinsey, 20, Salford, Part-time Chef

 “I helped out with the clearing up and when I got to Piccadilly Gardens there was a huge amount of people. It felt like a real community, a real family.”

Chris Higson, 63, Ashton, Retired

“It [Manchester] has coped brilliantly, I thought there would still be some bother afterwards.”

Sophie Burns, 18, Student, Fallowfield

“Everyone came out and cleaned. I thought it was going to be a mess, but it wasn’t.”


Lynda Latham, 64, Retired Learning Assistant, Hyde

“Thankfully fine. I don’t think we should dwell on it too much.”



Colin Haggarty, 19, Student, Central Manchester

“I expected [Manchester] to get back quickly.”

Laura Noar, 41, South Manchester

“Everybody’s just carried on… everything is back on track. People have stayed positive. The problem [of the rioters] goes back to the families. Something needs to be done… the clean-up is only the start of what has to be done.”

Jessica Odumosu, 20, Salford, works in sales

“There doesn’t seem that much damage as a whole but my mum has a shop in Salford and she’s lost everything. Her shop got burnt when rioters set fire to the Lidl next door. There was no point to it. Her insurance ran out just before the riots started so she’s struggling now, she’s got two mortgages.”

Sarah Guess, 24, Wigan, Deansgate

 “Its done really well, I don’t think I’ve noticed much, only Miss Selfridges.”

David Ibbotson, aged 70, retired, Marple Bridge

“Manchester had recovered by day 3.”

Michelle Richardson, aged 45, florist, M14.

 “Retailers are hanging on by their fingernails. We’re actually closing for five weeks.”

Csaba Fejes, aged 30, waiter, Salford

 “It [the riots] was pretty ridiculous. It was just for the money, maybe in London there was unrest.”


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