Some Might Say… – 10/06/2011

By Steven Oldham

Here’s MM’s look at some of the more memorable quotes in Manchester made this week…

“Thanks for the banter.  I’ve enjoyed my time on twitter. Over and out.”

Coronation Street actress Shobna Gulati’s last Tweet to over 18,000 followers.  Weatherfield’s Sunita says she has been driven off the social network after receiving racist messages in the last two weeks.


“I think it’s rather rude and a bit silly.  How can they spot a Take That fan?”

Take That concert goer Amanda Ibrams on the decision by Greater Manchester Police to ask retailers around the City of Manchester stadium not to sell alcohol to fans.


“He really brought Zippy and George to life through his voice and he was fabulous at improvising if anything went wrong.”

Rainbow host Geoffrey Hayes talking about Oldham-trained actor Roy Skelton, voice of both Zippy and George, who died this week aged 79.


“You know better than anybody that you have lost your good name and your reputation.”

Judge Clement Goldstone QC to former postmaster Ashok Vara, who stole £25,000 from his branch near Chorlton.  He has been sacked, but was spared jail after paying the money back.


“When my mum was in labour with me she was in London but Dad paid for a helicopter to fly her to Manchester because he wanted me to be born a Manchester lass!”

Model Charlotte Dawson, daughter of comedian Les, who made the finals of the Miss Manchester 2011 beauty contest this week.


“It was looking like making me a millionaire if you believed some of the bids – but in the space of a day I lost over £900,000.  I’ve had worse days.”

Parks manager Eddie Maxwell after selling the Ewood Park penalty spot from wihch Wayne Rooney secured Manchester United’s 19th League title.  Spoof bidders had put the bids into seven figures on eBay before being removed.  The turf still sold for £6,101, which Eddie is going to use to help run his Sunday league team, King Edward FC.


“The police attitude was whatever floats your boat.”

A GMP spokesman after they received a small number of public complaints from the public as free-spirited cyclists took part in the global World Naked Bike Ride through the city centre.  


“I feel sorry for your family and I hope they get £400 of work out for you.”

Magistrate Stephen Terry to unemployed Rohail Saleem, whose parents are paying up after he threw a bin through a bedroom window after being thrown out of a stag party last month.


“I’ve never done it for the money – I’ve done it to help people.  Is that the way the council are going to treat someone who’s only done good for people?”

Openshaw boxing gym owner Bob Shannon, whose non-for-profit base will be closed down at the end of the month due to city council spending cuts.  He has overseen the rise of talent including Matthew Hatton and Denton Vassell in nearly 20 years.

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